Social Engagement Tool for Student Well-being


Getting students engaged in the classroom can be a real challenge, let alone doing it remotely on a video call!  VRroom is a FREE social engagement tool, designed to get students communicating and interacting, all in safe and exciting virtual space right here in a web browser!

Unlike video conferencing tools, VRroom simulates a sense of human connection through collaborative VR technology and fun avatars, called ‘VRroomies’, helping students feel physically present, addressing social isolation and improving their mental health and well-being.

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Enhance student well-being

When students attend school they not only learn about various subjects and topics, but also vital communication skills when interacting with their classmates. As students continue to have to learn from home, they’re losing these social elements and can often feel lonely and isolated.

VRroom combats student isolation and improves student wellbeing by allowing teachers to create virtual spaces for students to socialise, like they would during break and lunchtime if they were physically in school. Behind ‘VRroomies’, fun character based avatars, students can connect in a fun and engaging way, helping them feel closer to their classmates.

Simple Collaborative Virtual Space

VRroom is straightforward and easy for students and teachers to use. Once logged into their account, teachers simply create a VRroom link, which they can share with up to 30 students at once, and only those with the link can access the session, providing peace of mind to the teacher.

Sessions are controlled and monitored by the teacher, and, when time’s up, teachers simply close down the VRroom and the session is ended for all participants – it’s as easy as that.

VR-Room - VRroomies

Space Stations, Beaches & School Yards

To get your students engaged there are different ‘VRrooms’ to choose from, and a range of ‘VRroomie’ avatars that students can select. The game-like feel provides a fun way for students to communicate and socialise in an interactive way.

Whether it’s socialising in the playground during your lunch break or strolling along the beach, teachers can select which exciting VRroom scene their students explore and socialise in. Once the room is open, students can easily select which ‘VRroomie’ they want to appear as, a shark, a gingerbread man, a knight, a plant… the list goes on!