Rooms & Characters

Space Stations, Beaches, Pirates & Knights

Fun places & cute characters to engage students

Boost confidence with VRroomies!

Video conferencing tools can be daunting and can leave countless students feeling reserved and shy during online lessons. What if there was a place where your students didn’t have to look at 30+ faces, but rather got to connect and have conversations behind VRroomies, fun character-based avatars? VRroom does just that.

Navigating each VRroom via a VRroomie, students become a different character and there’s many to choose from, you can be a pirate or even a gingerbread man! But more importantly, these VRroomies provide a much more comfortable and fun way for your students to engage and communicate. The game-like feel helps to remove the intimidation of video conferencing and helps students feel more confident and encouraged to get involved in discussions and conversations with their classmates.

Engage students in fun explorable spaces

Engage students in fun, explorable spaces

As students are currently missing out on so many interactions with their classmates in the playground, lunch hall and afterschool clubs, VRroom enables teachers to transport them into a selection of fun, engaging spaces to communicate on more of a personal level. From a virtual playground or a sun-soaked beach to a fun and exciting pirate ship or space station, VRroom offers different landscapes for students to explore and be together.

Student can navigate around each virtual space and talk with their peers in small groups or on an individual basis, creating a much more relaxed and social setting for all students to enjoy.