Virtual Environment

Simple Collaborative Virtual Space

Monitored & controlled virtual spaces for students to connect… together

How it works

You can be up and running on VRroom in less than a minute – it’s that simple! There is no software to install and nothing to set-up, you can just dive straight in from a browser and get started in three simple steps.

  1. Sign up for your free account and login.
  2. Select and load any VRroom room from the list.
  3. Copy and share the automatic link with your students!

That’s it! You and your students are now VRrooming. Watch the short video for more information. Once you’ve finished exploring a VRroom, you can close the browser to end the session, or choose another VRroom room and you will be automatically transported there. Get started with VRroom now!

What do I need?

VRroom is simple to use and it’s cross-platform compatible, working on any device with a web connection.

Desktops, Tablets and Phones
VRroom works on most modern browsers on Windows, Mac and Linux. It also works on most mobile browsers for Android and Safari on iOS devices.

Virtual Reality
To truly bring VRroom to life, students can join on virtual reality devices, such as ClassVR, or a mobile phone powered VR system, such as Samsung Gear or Google Cardboard. For Desktop VR systems, VRroom works when used with a WebVR compatible browser. For other standalone VR devices, VRroom works in the Mozilla Firefox Reality Browser or the Oculus Browser. Check our FAQ page for more details on supported devices.

What do I get?

VRroom is completely free to any school to use!

When you register for a VRroom account you will be able to share any VRroom room with up to 3 of your students at once… now we know that’s not enough to cover your whole class. Once you have registered and logged into VRroom, you will find a link to increase your license from 3 to 30. All you need to do is create a free Avantis account, link to you VRroom account and you can start connecting with up to 30 students.

This Avantis account will allow you to access even more VRroom rooms and upgrade more licences if you need them.